Emily Pearson


I actually suck at basketball, but I do swear by the fundamentals that 1. you’re only as good as the team you carry on your back and 2. your best play is to always shoot your shot. It’s gotten me this far.

Kelly Franks

Lead art director & fashion guru

If I were to tell you that Legally Blonde is equivalent to the Bible in my family, I would be telling you an understatement. A bad-ass woman that looks good while doing it? Count me in. Although, you’ll probably find me in a black suit before a pink one.

Jess Leonard

Lead designer & pen tool EXTRAORDINAIRE

In the fifth grade I used to save empty wipe boxes, decorate them, and sell them to fellow classmates. In eleventh grade I sold pieces of my art and still do. Last year, I published a book about badass women. To me, ideas are only as good as their execution. Right now, creating a stronger knit community of student creatives is exactly what SOJC needs. Let’s do this.