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Welcome to the After Hours Radio, hosted at the University of Oregon. We want to ask you, what do you like to do off the clock? For Em and Jess, their answer meant talking with dope people to learn about their passions, talents, and advice about the Advertising industry. What better way to amplify these voices than to share them in one place for all to hear? Thus, the birth of the After Hours Podcast. Tune in weekly for our conversations with fellow students, alumni, or industry professionals who are sure to leave you feeling more prepared, more confident, and definitely more inspired after each episode. So tap in, grab your headphones, and enjoy! We're excited to have you with us.


The After Hours Team

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Episode 02 - elexus greene

On this episode, we have our friend Elexus Greene, otherwise known as her artist name, Lady Picasso, in to talk to us about the impact of finding your unique, creative voice and the importance of having a side hustle (aka creative passion). Elexus is an undergraduate senior at the UO studying Advertising and is an aspiring artist and art director. You can follow Elexus and learn more about her work on



Join us as we talk with Joaquin Sabarots, an Advertising Major at the UO, about his time interning at Wieden & Kennedy, the skills he's learned over the last few years at Oregon, and most importantly, how to be yourself.

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episode 01 - Natalie kim

Natalie Kim, founder of We Are Next joins us to talk about how junior talent can be using her platform as a resource for gathering advice, insight, and tools from all over the industry. From her start in LA and taking the jump to NY, to the mentors in her life that have helped her along the way, Natalie gave us an inside scoop on what it takes behind the scenes to make We Are Next thrive. We found out how the industry is using this resource for guiding and finding young talent. 


Episode 04 - Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson, a strategist, consultant, and After Hours Radio guest, challenges us to ask how we can tell our own story in our own voice. A man of many talents, Andrew speaks, coaches, trains, consults, and since 2006 has worked with leaders from some of the most admired Fortune 500 brands. To follow Andrew's work, sign up for his monthly newsletter here

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Episode 00 - Trailer

Welcome to After Hours Radio. For our first episode, we are introducing our hosts, how After Hours started, and what to expect from the podcast. Enjoy!

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Episode 05 - Renee Dobre

We’re welcoming Renee Dobre, Architecture Undergraduate at the UO to After Hours for an intimate version of her TEDx talk she gave last month about the possible versatility of 3D printers. Renee was the only Undergraduate to speak at the TEDxUOregon event. Listen in as we talk about how to be looking at 3D printers in a new light for a more efficient future that includes all of us. 

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